Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reverse Psycology of the Voting Kind

Neocortex: Actually tells me to write something down! Woah, unexpected use of the thinking brain... The pacing doesn't really give me much time to think about the issues presented or what I already believe, but rather aims for the retention of the
"Must vote" message.
Limbic: Quick cuts and a couple dozen different people that I can focus on at any given time. I find myself recognizing the celebrities first and then hearing what they're saying, but, as the pacing is rather fast, it quickly becomes about recognition rather than understanding. Also, they're asking me I feel about the issues, not think.

Epistemological: Word to image: Inserting an argument that could and has been used in word into a visual format
Technological: Analog to digital: Video on Youtube would otherwise not be able to be shared if it was not digital
Personal: Mass to participatory: Posting on Youtube and asking the viewer go to the link at the bottom of the video to register and then to send to 5 friends.
Aesthetic: Discrete to convergence: Video inserts link to registration site

Production Techniques: Black border to highlight website, same white background for all celebrities, grittier shooting style (moving and shaking with inconsistent zooming), bright lighting, editing so the celebrities are almost finishing each other's sentences, interaction between website graphic and celebrities
Value Message: Voting is important via reverse psychology - technique to connect to a younger audience. Use cool, hip celebrities - voting is cool, voting is smart, voting is power/choice.

Testimonial - Celebrities (may award winning)
Beautiful People - Celebrities
Flattery - "You're obviously smart enough to play scrabble on this thing..."
Repetition - "Don't vote," "Register," "Send to 5 people"
Maybe - "Could vote if you cared about..."
Humor- "It's like herpes, but in a good way!" "I never did shit on drugs except Halo 2"
Name calling -"Voting is stupid!"
Simple Solutions -"It's right here!"

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