Thursday, February 12, 2009

E-Pitch: The first round of editing

Against my sense of self-preservation, I signed up for Champlain College's 2nd Annual Elevator Pitch Competition. For those who do not know, an elevator pitch is a brief persuasive overview for a product, an idea, or, in my case, a person. "Brief" literally refers to the time it takes to ride an elevator, less than 90-seconds.

So, what am I pitching? Myself, of course. Or, more specifically, I'm pitching myself to a "Suit" for a job opportunity in PR. It looks deceptively simply, but it's anything but. In fact, it's rather difficult. I've been working on my pitch since I signed up in January and there have been many, many drafts. Below you will find my most current version (still in need of cutting/reworking). It's my most likely candidate as the preliminary round is next Tuesday - *insert worried sound here*

Could you hold the door, please? Thank you.

Excuse me, but are you John Doe of John Doe and Company?

-Yes, I am.

It's wonderful bumping into you. Hi, I'm Kristen Mercure. I'm a senior (graduating?)Mass Communications major at Champlain College. I believe we spoke briefly at the (internship fair/job fair/lecture) on campus last semester/month. Thank you, by the way. You helped to point me in the right direction for my current internship at XYZ Inc. It's exactly as you described - extremely hands-on with plenty of writing and client interaction - plus, I've learned to make a mean cup of coffee. Who knows, in this job market some quality barista skills may be helpful down the line.

Actually, I've just started to search for positions in the public relations industry for when I graduate in August. It's never too early to start looking and making connections, especially with media relations, which is what I'm interested in. I've had some invigorating client experience with a few local organizations in the food and higher education industries, as well as professional organizations. The public relations materials I've creared have shown me that being a communications architect for small, deserving organizations that need to get their message out there and have no idea how to do it is extremely appealing. And scary, admittedly, but that's half the appeal. In the end, I'd like to find a position where I can work with a variety of clients unaccustomed to the benefits of public relations and to upgrade their communication with the public. It's about shaping a message, I suppose - creating new industry for a new world.

Oh, I see that your floor is coming up. Would you mind if I call you next week to continue this conversation? I’d love to hear your perspective on the industry. Here’s my card, and if may have your’s?

Wonderful. It was nice running into you, ______. I’ll be in touch with you next week. Have a great day!

Now, to rip this thing a part and practice, practice, practice!

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