Saturday, June 5, 2010


Peccadillo [noun] (pehk uh dih lohl)
  1. Minor sin or offense
Without a shadow of a doubt, I consider my inactivity in the blogosphere - and this blog, in particular - to be much more than a mere peccadillo.  I consider it an offense; an offense to my goals (365 words in 365 days - yeah, that's a goner), my brain ("OMG - is that did Patrick Stewart get knighted? We love Patrick Stewart! We should write about that!" my brain cried. "...yeah," My hands retort. "Maybe later." "You know, sometimes, I hate us."), and most importantly, anyone who took the time to read "Forever In Tangent."  It's fairly obnoxious to find myself deserting my own intentions, but it's darn right rube to do the same to yours.
While I cannot say I will be spilling my somewhat noxious musings in this HTML enabled tome, I can  say that I will be here more often than not.
And that can't be that bad.

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