Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bonhomie [noun] (bah nuh mee)
  1. Good-natured geniality
  2. Atmosphere of good cheer

Looking to improve your workplace bonhomie?  Two words: Silly Putty.

If, for some strange reason, you do not have a well-loved container of this pliable gunk, I highly recommend running out to the closest dollar store you can find and buy some!  Putty is perfect for kneading, molding, ripping, destroying, and repairing - all things that one is bound to want to do on an overly hectic day!  Heck, it's even fantastic for creative pursuits!

Looking for a job in the fashion industry?   Say, hello, to the House of Putty!
Fashion and Putty.

Or maybe you're more of a stylist?
I Love Lucy (the Duck).
Into the pursuit of zeros and ones?  Shout your love for web traffic in moldable rubber!
"Very Unique Visitor"
 But, if you're like me and enjoy patterns, perhaps you'd rather just play and see what happens:
Pebbles.  Or bubbles.  It's up to you.

Thanks to Maureen for letting me post some of her gifts of Putty art!  A prettier dress and banner were never crafted. 

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