Monday, April 13, 2009

The lastest Case Study:

Some days, the sight of missed PR opportunities makes me cringe.

And others, it makes me drool.

Today is a drooling kind of day, ladies and gentlemen.

It began simply enough: Shower. Breakfast (...or an apple followed by a mint as I ran out the door). Classes. RSS Feeds. Ah, the Feeds, specifically Tammy Pierce's Blog. And then as many blogs, articles, Tweets, and comments as I could get my hands on.

May I present AmazonFail 2009? Welcome to AmazonFail, where Amazon removes GLBT literature from sales rankings and search results claiming it to be "adult content" while keeping sex toys listed in the search bar. It's a new "glitch," according Amazon reps. Of course, this removal started in February, but sure, it's a brand-spankin' new "glitch."

The funny thing? At this point, it doesn't matter if it really is a glitch that removed this content - the Internet has taken this and run with it. This is Word of Mouth at it's Web 2.0 best - Blogosphere, Twitter, FB, Cafepress.

And Amazon's response?


The statement sent to inquiring news media, as linked to above. Nothing on it's homepage. Nothing in the media room online. No responses to social media. Just the original "glitch" quote to throw around until it gets limp and tired.

All I have to say: Crisis PR. You're doing it wrong.

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