Friday, July 3, 2009

Too much to do in too little time

It's in poor taste to complain about good opportunities. Good opportunities that only fall into the complaining category due to the fact that one, such as myself, has too many of them.

Yes, you heard me: Too many good things are happening to me.

I have three - count 'em - three internships: One for agency PR, one for corporate PR, and one for video production. I also have a part-time job and two classes to complete this summer. And now, thanks to wonderful people thinking well of me, I have a chance to work on another video project for a state-wide concert series.

The truth: I never saw any of it coming.

Yes, I worked very hard these opportunities to magically appear - I "stalked" two of my bosses AKA submitted letters of interest in October of last year, pulled out more than a few miracles in my video classes, and lined up good quality work to show whomever I stumbled upon. And yet, this shower of work-oriented blessings blindsided me. Pure and simple.

Now, I find myself looking at the descriptors of "detail-oriented" and "problem-solver" on my resume and going, "Well, I suppose this summer has shown that I really, truly am. But can I be with another item on my plate?"

One more plate to spin. A gilded, beautiful plate, but still, another plate.

Did I mention I really, really like that plate, too?

I suppose this now means that I am in poor taste. Complaining about opportunities. What a silly thing to complain about.

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