Sunday, July 26, 2009

Driving Ms. Coffee-Mobile

My car smells like coffee.

Praise be to all that is holy and NOT moldy!

I know, odd opener, eh? Allow me to expound:

Three weeks ago my car flooded. It rained. I was parked over a drain. On the bottom of a hill. To say the very least, the event caused half a gallon of water to make its home under my carpeting.

Silver Toyota smack in the middle? My lovely vehicle...taking a bath. Without my permission.

I vacuumed most of the water out with the Industrial Wet Vac of DOOM (Trademark pending) but there was this - oh, how to say it? - murky smell left over. Now, until this tragic event, my car smelled like a new. Yes, a brand-spanking new car with a brand-spanking new car smell. It was clean and shiny and it smelled awesome...until my precious little Toyota decided it wanted to play Noah and the Ark, that is.

It's been three weeks and after many nights with open windows, one or two additional vacuum sessions, and 90 bags of Green Mountain Coffee** smells, well, like coffee. Which, really, is better than mold, so I put this in the "Way-to-go, girlfriend" column.

Now I drive a cafe on 4-wheels. If only I drank coffee...

**"90 bags of Green Mountain Coffee? Two points, 1)Did you rob a store and 2) May I have some of that jivin' java?" 1) No. I intern at GMCR and needed to transport a number of Fair Trade Organic coffees to a building far, far away. I also hauled the coffees up 2-flights of stairs, if I do say so myself. 2) Well, yes, just not the one's I picked up. Buy it yourself - it smells great, so it must taste pretty good.

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