Saturday, August 1, 2009

My brillant idea: Biking

I own a bike. It is a nice bike: two wheels, a seat, brakes. It is blue.

Might I also add that the tires still have those little caterpillar feelers on them?

Yes, I own a bike but do I use it? That would be a hearty, "No."

Until recently, that is.

This week, I not only realized that one of my internships is next to the bike path, but my friends also realized this fact. And, being excellent people, I was inclined to agree to their request for an evening of joyous biking.

And it was joyous! Like flying, I say! Or flying with wheels. Or flying on the ground, with wheels. Or, perhaps it would be better to say that it was very similar to biking, which was exactly what we were doing.


Nonetheless, it was splendid (save for a rather sore bottom - darn those seats!) and I decided to do it again this morning.

Before: Look at the excitement that thumbs-up exudes!

After: Look at the excitement those...feet exude! Or exhaustion. Either/or.

After an epic 45-minutes (or 30-minutes, perhaps) to the tune of Josh Groban on my iPod, I returned triumphant - and promptly passed out in the garage. It was an elegant passing out, mind you. Only surpassed by the Russian ballet. Or stampeding elephants. Either way, I hit the deck moments after dismounting, fighting nausea like whoa. Note: No vomiting occurred in the making of this Fail Event.

Pathetic? Yes. Ever-so typical of my life? Yes, yes it was.

Maybe fewer hills next time. And yes, there will be a next time. (Maybe a small engine would help...)


  1. Your pictures accompanying this made my morning. So thank you for your brilliance.

  2. @Carissa, I do try. Really, I do.