Sunday, August 9, 2009

China Logs: Let the Re-hashing Begin

The Travel Channel is running a China marathon and I can't help but to look a little forlornly at the television screen because...

I miss China.

The Xi'an City Wall, June 2009

It was just under two months ago when I joined a group of social media travelers and hopped across the other pond to a completely different, completely disarming culture. If the language didn't confuse the daylights out of me, it was the traffic, bathrooms, and proffered statements of piào liàng (漂亮) that did. But it was a content confusion - a confusion of wide-eyed wonder from an East coast bound American with very little to compare anything to, let alone comprehend in the moment.

Looking back, I think it's time to share a few of my China musings on this blog. My thoughts on the trip were posted to our ChinaMojoVT blog, but I think I'll migrate a few of my entries over here. Add a few comments to my "in the moment" renderings of two months ago.

Should be interesting.

And maybe it will make China seems closer to home, if only for a few minutes.

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