Monday, January 25, 2010


Desultory [adj] (dehs uhl torh ee)

  1. Jumping from one thing to another
  2. Disconnected

 Let's write in a desultory fashion, shall we? 

  1. While the Smithsonian is a place of family fun, this giraffe doesn't appear to be having fun with the family.  That may be due to its taxidermed state.  [Picture taken August 2009]
  2. Have you ever forgotten how to walk down the stairs?  You don't forget for a long time, just long enough to realize that you've forgotten.  It's a reaction to your brain kicking back into gear during a habitual activity - you never have to think about it, so when you do it's hard to remember exactly what you do.  
  3. Allison Janney and Tim Busfield make my life and need to do another show.

Is that desultory enough for you?

1 comment:

  1. I miss Studio 60. I loved it. Hardcore. And then they took it away from me. And as good as 30 Rock is, I don't think it was fair that the intense drama got the axe.