Friday, January 8, 2010


Prodigal [adj] (prah dih guhl)
  1. Lavish
  2. Wasteful

"Isn't there another 'prodigal?'  Something like the Progigal Son?"

"Prodigal.  Prodigal Son."

"No, that's different."

"Think there's only one Prodigal Son."

"No, the Progigal Son is a good thing.  You'd say, 'The Progigal Son has returned!' and proceed to give him gifts and camels.  See?  Good.  Prodigal is a negative word, meaning wasteful and lavish.  See?  Not good."

"Um, while that's an interesting take on it, that's not exactly how it goes.  The Prodigal Son was lavish and wasteful - that's why he came back.  The point is that he returned home and his father welcomed him, despite his waste."


"And, he got calf, not a camel. "

"Huh.  Bummer for him."


  1. Just one thing to add. Nothing to lavish or verbose: LOL.

  2. I'll take that and offer a ... :D