Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Pungent [adj] (puhn juhnt)
  1. Sharp and irritating to the senses

If I was a kind of cheese, I think I'd be pungent.  While I adore mozzarella, drool over brie, and want to spoon with a nicely aged cheddar,  the more odoriferous cheeses strike me as my dairy equal.  Or rather, something of which I'd like to be equal.

Allow me to explain.

Many stinky cheeses do not have a pungent taste.  For example, Limburger only smells funky because of the rind.  The cheese itself is mild and smooth, but for many the rind's smell is just too much to take.  However, for those who take the time and work past the outer layer a lovely gastronomic pleasure awaits.  Limburger is not appreciated by all, but those who appreciate it are loyal and true. 

Hence my desire to be a stinky cheese. 

What kind of cheese are you?


  1. And with your lovely imagery of spooning with chedder, you just made my morning.

  2. I'm not sure what kind of cheese I am. But your description of Limburger reminded me of my childhood.

    My grandfather had a best friend he'd been in the Army with, called Bugsy. Whenever Bugsy and his wife Mary came to visit, my granddad and he would clear out the kitchen with their Limburger eating sessions. They would laugh and laugh at the sour expressions on mine and my sister's faces. Great memory. :)