Saturday, January 30, 2010


Diaphanous [adj] (die aaf uh nuhs)
  1. Allowing light to show through
  2. Delicate

"I wish walls were diaphanous."

"That's a little random.  And pervy."

"No, no.  Think about it: If everyone could see through walls a lot of things could be avoided."

"Like ... ?"

"Like walking in on a conversation ... about leg waxing.  Or warts.  Or having to fake excitement over a crappy gift because everyone's already seen how crappy it is.  Or -"

"Or fund raising door-to-door, because, hey, I can see you inside your house, eating your potato chips by the television, mister!"

"... a little bitter there?"

"A little.  Fifth grade was not my best year."

"But you get the point - by having nothing to hide behind, people would be a lot more honest, kinder, real.  None of this pretentious crap.  We'd just be."

"You know, I never imagined you to be such a philosophical soul."

"See - if these walls were diaphanous, you would have known all along."

"Maybe. But I still think you were talking about seeing into dressing rooms."

"I was."


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