Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yoke [verb] (yohk)
  1. To join together

When the joy of a three-day weekend loses its glow, it's time to start yoking puzzle pieces.  Admittedly a pile of chaos as the process begins, that pile is soon sorted, joined, and completed. 

"Sorted, joined, and completed" - four words that make 1000-piece puzzle seem like a walk in a park. (Or perhaps a Segway ride in the park; apparently such tours are very popular in metropolitan areas.) However, that is far from the truth.

Choosing to start a puzzle is choosing to walk into battle.  Each piece aims to deceive, to remain in the pile with its compatriots and allude the title of POW that one receives once its rightful place is found.   You spend hours - nay, days - strategizing, implementing tactics, and being fooled time and time again.  You're worn, bleeding, and aggravated by the time the last piece is put in place- but it's done.

So, now the true gratification comes into play: Smooshing up the puzzle and shoving it back in the box.

Now that's joy.

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